Community Comedy Central: Silviu Ardelean

As dori sa trec in revista rapid, punctele forte ale existentei sale. Citez de pe blogul sau personal (pe care din obisnuinta de a-si edita posturile pe forumuri, probabil il va modifica):

All high school period, I spent weekends working to software application for Scientific Sessions or participating to OlympicsIn that period, fishing passion started to finish.

The destiny makes me study automatics and industrial informatics to University of Petroşani.

Because of financial reasons I decided to change my job and I got in a system engineer and database administrator position to Hidroelectrica SA, Romanian electric power manufacture base on water.

In 2008, after a sky accident, I was mad enough to get a senior software developer position to one of biggest anti-malware company

I’m acting into a C++ Romanian programming community calledCODEXPERT and other communities as forums and (known as Maximus_X).

Computers are not my only interested field. I’m interesting in technique: logic, financial, music, cars, pictures and sports: tennis, football (soccer) and ski, too.

Si nu in ultimul rind:

I’m writing what I’m thinking, what is revolting me, what is delight or disgust me.

From time to time, I’m writing technical articles and FAQs on

Aici bloggereste despre viata in general, iar aici isi exprima eterna admiratie pentru Voiculescu. Citez:

Datorită Mogului soarele speranţei răsare din nou pe strada lui Daniel.

Să-i dea Dumnezeu sănătate şi să reuşească să pună în practică ideile sale inspirate de ordin legislativ şi nu numai…

TAG-uri: lucruri frumoase, mogul, speranta, vise

Asupra lucrarilor sale tehnice ne vom apleca privirea intr-un episod viitor.


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